Intentional Living: Conditioning Your Heart To Live Out Heaven’s Blueprint Here On Earth

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The condition of the heart is so fundamental to God, that He destroyed a whole generation because of it. Every decision is inspired by what’s in your heart. To live life with consciousness, precision and deliberate decisions, is to be in connection and control of the centre of your life – your Heart, understanding how it works to align us into God’s will and plan for us.


Whatever you let into your heart has the ability to reproduce itself outwardly in your personality and who you become. That is why, as Christians of noble character we must be diligent and intentional about what we let into our lives through our hearts.


If you are going to live your life intentionally, acting out God’s blueprint here on earth, you must be ready to deliberately do a heart check from time to time in order to be rightly informed and positioned for great success. To do this, you must consciously engage your MOTIVES, ACTIONS, DESIRES, DISCERNMENT & CONFESSIONS.

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